CN Track Gang

The Track Gang was formed in partnership with CN Rail and Beautiful Alleys in 2017. We are the only community group to establish this unique partnership in Canada. CN Rail supports our efforts with equipment and staff to ensure that all safety measures are followed by closing down the rail line during the cleanups. Safety is a major concern on CN property. It is deemed to be private property for approximately 45 feet from the rail. Trespassers can be fined! Our volunteers are ensured that they will be safe through the efforts and cooperation of CN.

Since 2017, we have gathered over 60 tonnes of debris and illegal dumping and CN has continued their efforts to clear and cut down overgrown trees and grass in other areas. Our efforts have been concentrated on the area from Wentworth to Cheever due to the excess of illegal dumping. After focused efforts, that continuous illegal dumping has diminished and the stretch along Birge Street from Wentworth to Victoria is undergoing a transformation to create a natural meadow.

CN generously supports our efforts with grants to cover the costs associated with our work and encourages safety and beautifying the areas.

Do you have an area that needs help?  Contact Stefan Spolnik or Taylor Mawdsley at