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Find Your you AlleyAlley Clean-up

Our Vision

Safe, clean and beautiful laneways and alleys, that people of all ages can enjoy.

Step one is a Clean Up. Beautiful Alleys plans two organized clean up days: Spring & Fall.

We will also offer support where we can with individual cleanups throughout the year.

Once the alleys are clean – we can help you Add Beauty.


Out with the Trash

We are a group of volunteers working to improve our alleys and neighbourhoods in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

We organize two clean up events each year, in the spring and fall.

Participate"Clean Up" Events
Out with the Trash

In with the beauty

Paint and supplies for alley beautification projects are available in limited supplies.

"Add Beauty" Projects

Limitless Options

Alley Events. Secret Gardens. Colourful Murals.


Limitless Options

What else can you do?